Seamless solution

Focussed on our clients and their needs, we begin any contract by ensuring we have a crystal clear understanding of the goals, issues and ambitions – along with an appreciation of how the property functions.

A core part of the objectives we strive to attain is to add real value to our customers business by bringing clarity to management performance, and identifying opportunities for savings through efficiences.

Experience counts

This is enabled using our interactive, cloud-based asset management system & engineering experience to transform the customers engagement by providing real-time data about our performance, the buildings performance and any value initiatives instigated. We firmly believe that transparency like this ultimately produces true partnership and strengthens trust – to everyone’s benefit.

That transparency also extends to our auditing of a contract…

New, Unique ECG Mobile Audit app

Boosts efficiency. Accelerates process. Enhances customer relations.


ECGFS Contract Managers can now conduct audits via their smart phones and instantly upload results onto the client area of our MIS platform for ultimate transparency and real-time information, thanks to ECG’s new, internally developed audit tool.

Traditionally, contract audits are often perceived as expensive, time consuming and not particularly worthwhile unless there is an end result.

ECG’s AUDIT tool is fast, effective and designed to add value as well as improve operations.


Auditing the difference

In our experience, a good M&E maintenance contract not only identifies clearly the obligations of the provider, it also forms the foundation for a productive relationship built on communication and trust. ECGFS’s new, fast Audit Tool enables everyone to be clear that:

  • Standards are being met
  • Opportunities are created to review and change process
  • Self improvement is encouraged
  • Honest feedback on performance is available
  • ECGFS upholds contractual obligation

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