ECGFS is more than a corporate entity. Our business plays a significant part in the daily life of thousands of people – whether they’re our employees, our clients, supply chain partners, or the public at large who utilise the buildings we maintain.

At every turn we are committed to being an open, transparent and responsive company and to making our business practices more sustainable in a way which protects and enhances the environment, the economy and society as a whole.


_We understand that our business activities have consequences and work hard to improve the positive social, economic and environmental outcomes while reducing any negative impacts.

_We strive to integrate and improve the communities and environments where we operate.

_We work in a sustainable way to achieve our business objectives through better efficiency, reduced waste in materials, energy, water whilst developing reputable practices and better relationships with stakeholders and communities based on trust.

_We nurture business relationships with clients and supply partners, adhering to a clear code of conduct.


Our ethos for people and communities is to ensure safe and sustainable environments for all and to positively influence through those relationships.

We want ECGFS to continue to be recognised as a great place to work, with all our employees feeling included and supported to perform to their best, with scope to develop professionally. We strive to support communities by providing jobs and supporting local well-being wherever we have a presence.


Our aim is to consider and protect the environment in all that we do in acknowledgement that climate change is a challenge that everyone needs to face, both in business and in society, and we recognise the duty to minimise the impact of our operations through:

_The long term sustainability of the services we provide

_Our relationships with clients and the communities we work within which provide a great opportunity to influence

_Our direct carbon footprint

Our initiatives include energy reduction programme for one clients chiller plant resulting in 30% reduction of energy amounting to £152,000pa. Our on site personnel on another property achieved a staggering 16% reduction in carbon footprint amounting to 623 tonnes of CO2 and a saving of £75,000 each year.

ECGFS are committed to continuing this work to reduce the use of energy to further limit emissions of greenhouse gases, reduce our own and our clients contribution to climate change, and also protect businesses from increasing fuel costs.


At ECGFS, strong corporate governance helps guide us in being a leading provider of mechanical and electrical facilities maintenance, water hygiene and retail services and we believe that these practices – aligned with the UK Corporate Governance Code – are critical to the long-term success of the Company, fostering trust and confidence between it and our stakeholders, customers, employees, management and board of directors.

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