ECG Facilities Services Celebrates Role in centre:mk Winning Prestigious RoSPA Gold Award
18 September 2023

ECG Facilities Services are delighted to announce our pivotal role in helping centre:mk secure the prestigious RoSPA “Gold Award”. This recognition, awarded by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), underscores the commitment to occupational health and safety excellence demonstrated by centre:mk and the invaluable contributions made by ECG in achieving this milestone.

centre:mk, managed by CBRE, was honoured with the RoSPA Gold Award, a testament to its outstanding dedication to maintaining a safe and secure environment for its visitors and staff.

This award recognises centre:mk’s magnificent achievement in which ECG played our part providing comprehensive support in several critical areas, especially in the management of the centre’s compliance system, Meridian.

ECG Facilities Services are proud to be part of this remarkable success story at centre:mk and remain dedicated to delivering top-tier facilities management services to the centre and its guests that prioritise safety, efficiency and innovation.

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