ECG Support Buckinghamshire Children’s Army Cadet’s Trip
22 June 2023

ECG Facilities Services Happy to Support Buckinghamshire Children’s Army Cadet’s Trip to go Big Rock Climbing

At ECG Facilities Services, we believe in supporting initiatives that empower and nurture the next generation. We are proud to announce our contribution to Andrew Gamblin, Technical Services Manager at centre:mk, who undertakes Army Cadet instruction for kids in Buckinghamshire.

The Army Cadet programme provides valuable training and experiences for young individuals, fostering personal growth, teamwork, and leadership skills. As part of their syllabus, the cadets participate in Adventurous Training, which includes a water-sports summer camp.

To further enhance their training experience, Andrew Gamblin and his unit plan to visit Big Rock Climbing in Milton Keynes for an evening in July. However, due to limited funding and support from the army, providing the best opportunities for the cadets becomes a challenge, especially with additional commitments such as support to Ukraine and budget cuts.

Recognising the importance of empowering youth through outdoor activities, ECG are more than happy to contribute £200 towards this endeavour. We are delighted to assist Andrew and his unit in creating a memorable and impactful experience for the cadets and we are sure they will enjoy their upcoming visit to Big Rock Climbing.

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