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NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Case Study
Dykebar Hospital – Glennifer Unit Case Study
NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde - Dykebar Hospital, Paisley (Boilers)
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ECG Facilities Services were delighted to be awarded the contract in early 2018 to upgrade the boiler room including the boiler plant and associated services at Dykebar Hospital in Paisley’s Gleniffer Unit, based on the complete supply and install of all boiler and water services plant. Following this project being awarded, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde’s budgets had changed and ECG were required to identify and present any opportunities for cost saving – with one method being using boiler plant supplied by the NHS. As a result of this cost-saving approach, ECG were able to save NHS GG&C approximately £50,000 as the tender reduced in cost from circa £190,000 to £140,000. A further consideration of this project was NHS GG&C’s priority of maintaining domestic hot water services at all times throughout the works, which we achieved through the provision of a 600 kW temporary boiler. ECG were also requested to maintain heat throughout the building for the duration of the works. This was accommodated in the form of phasing the replacement of the boilers so as to always have two 400 kW boilers running at any given time as well as agreeing to short-term shutdowns to facilitate the changeover of pumps, pressurisation units, etc. Through working in close collaboration with NHS GG&C, ECG were able to successfully complete the project in a total of 10 weeks from first arriving on site through to the final week handover – with no grievances from Jim McQuade (Local Estates Manager), John O’Rourke (NHS Estates Manager) or Matt Lambert (Consultant from Innovated Design Solutions) who were all highly pleased with the standard of work delivered.


Following the amalgamation of NHS Greater Glasgow and part of NHS Argyll and Clyde in April 2006, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde was formed. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde immediately became Scotland’s largest health board, serving a population of over 1.2 million and employing over 44,000 staff.


Strip out of existing heating and domestic water services within the existing boiler plant room area, together with redundant flues, pumps and pipework
Installation of fully modular, condensing gas-fired boilers, controls package, stainless steel flues, low loss header and associated equipment
Works to gas and building management system installations to accommodate new systems