ECG FS successfully deliver 3 critical projects for NHS Lanarkshire
10 June 2022

“Further to the recent boiler replacements at 2 of our Health Centres and the replacement of the water heater at our Hospital, I just wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation.

We appreciate that on all three occasions you weren’t provided substantially adequate timescales in order to have the work completed due to the year-end spend restrictions. 

But, may I say that after the initial orders were raised for the projects, it was quite clear that you ‘pulled out all the stops’ in order to meet our requirements.  

Your team, in particular Project Engineer Alex Lundie provided the project work plan and apart from the odd hold-up (totally caused by the current and general slow delivery of equipment and materials) stuck stringently to it. This ultimately meant that the required completion dates were met to our satisfaction.

Bearing in mind that you were also depending on other contractors to assist in order to complete the project (flue and BMS etc), this was no-mean feat.

I would also like to point out the condition that all plant rooms were left in after completion; These were totally tidied and cleaned to a high standard which was really appreciated. Yes, that’s the way it should be, but sometimes the level of cleanliness with others leaves a lot to be desired. 

There was a slight issue with a broken re-set button on one of the boilers at Harthill, but again, this was rectified without any argument. 

We appreciate that the odd remedial task can arise after any project, but it’s how the contractor deals with this that’s important and I am delighted to say that this issue was rectified without any argument.

Lastly, I would just like to compliment the team on their diligent and pro-active approach to the work. They identified that additional pipe lagging insulation was required on site that was missing from the original pipework and that wasn’t part of the new installation and brought it to our attention. An order was raised and the insulation was fitted.

This may not seem a big deal, but we look for our contractors to let us know where we may have things less than 100% complete, so we were glad that you brought this to our attention.

Unfortunately nowadays, we can be very quick to criticise when things aren’t going right, but very slow to point out the positives. 

In this case, there were no negatives linked to the fine work that was carried out, so with this in mind, I would like to thank you and your team for three very complete and successful installations.

Please do us the privilege of thanking your team on work which was very well done.”

– Assistant Maintenance Manager, NHS Lanarkshire

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