ECG Support the Stiliyan Petrov Foundation's Gala Ball
22 June 2023

ECG Facilities Services Support the Stiliyan Petrov Foundation’s Star-Studded Gala Ball at the Belfry Hotel

ECG Facilities Services were proud to attend and support the Stiliyan Petrov Foundation at their highly anticipated annual Gala Ball. The glamorous event took place on June 1st 2023 at the renowned Belfry Hotel, bringing people together to support the essential services this great charity provides in leukaemia research and providing aid to affected individuals and their families.

Stephen Hawthorne of ECG Facilities Services had the privilege of joining esteemed guests, including renowned football personalities such as Martin O’Neill, Henrik Larsson and Alan Hutton at the star-studded Gala Ball. The event, compered by Jim White, was enjoyed by all in a great atmosphere of excitement and solidarity as attendees united in their commitment to making a difference in the fight against cancer.

Set against the backdrop of the stunning Belfry Hotel, the Gala Ball showcased an evening where attendees generously engaged in a range of charitable activities, including auctions, raffles and donations, all aimed at raising funds for cancer research and providing essential support to those affected – and we are delighted to announce the event raised over £40,000 of funds to allow the Stiliyan Petrov Foundation to continue their outstanding charity work in the local community.

The presence of notable guests and speakers, along with our Director’s attendance, exemplifies ECG’s unwavering dedication to supporting impactful causes and our commitment to corporate social responsibility within the local communities in which we operate.

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