Inside Track
16 October 2016

Announcing new Contract Managers promoted from within ECGFS engineering ranks. At ECG the policy is to promote people from within the company. We believe this approach builds a strong core of engineering experience and expertise, with the added efficiency of everyone knowing the processes, protocols and procedures from top to bottom. Consequently, the vast majority of ECG Contract, Operations and Technical Managers are all time-served ECG Engineers with an understanding of the job that is second to none, saving clients time and money at every turn.

Meet our most recent promotions:
•    Engineer Liam Richardson recently appointed Technical Manager in Manchester
•    Engineers Kris Barclay, James Shaw and Craig Kerr recently appointed Contract Managers in Scotland

All four are multi-disciplined engineers who have spent most if not all of their careers with ECG, having devoted at least ten years to the company.

Enabling management potential
To assist any individual identified as having the potential to progress into a management position, ECG has established a Management Development Programme, which encompasses a host of different aspects towards creating a pathway for further development. We appreciate our people and their commitment to the business, to their professional standards and to their futures. Together we are building an ever more productive, more efficient, more enjoyable place to work.

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