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CBRE - Citypoint, Edinburgh (FCUs, Chiller, Boiler)
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ECG were very pleased when it was announced we had been successfully awarded the contract for the Fan Coil Unit, Chiller and Boiler Replacements at Citypoint in Edinburgh on behalf of CBRE. ECG were responsible for the supply, installation and commissioning of all of the replacement FCU, Boiler Plant and Chiller Plant at this modern office in Scotland’s capital. ECG’s Projects Department were responsible for organising and managing all crane hire/offloading and positioning, as well as the safe and effective removal from site of the redundant equipment.


Prior to the project start date, ECG arranged a pre-start meeting on-site with all of CBRE’s key personnel responsible for this project, the main stakeholders on-site at Citypoint, the relevant subcontractors proposed to be operating on-site and key members from our Projects Department assigned to this project to ensure all parties fully understood their role and the most suitable project plan was devised to minimise disruption of the ongoing daily activities within Citypoint whilst these essential works were undertaken


Removal of existing water cooled chiller, the safe de-gassing of the refrigerant, the offloading from site and disposal of carcass
Supply and installation of new replacement water cooled chiller, safe removal of the de-commissioned systems, modification and remedial protection of the steel support plant deck
Supply and installation of 118 No. fan coil units, located in the existing locations with local services modified and repaired to accommodate
Removal of existing boiler plant and all steel pipework on roof plant deck and replacement with new specified boiler plant and pipework, including insulation
Removal of existing BMS controls and replacement to fully integrate new building-wide BMS