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Omaha Guernsey LP Case Study
Sutherland House, Glasgow Case Study
KJ Tait - Sutherland House, Glasgow (AHU)
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One of the most challenging projects that ECG has undertaken in recent years, the project involved the complete strip out of all existing plant and the badly damaged roof membrane at the top of this eight storey roof in Glasgow’s city centre. The roof membrane was completely renewed before a new eight tonne air handling unit was landed, together with new cooling towers. This also required extensive modifications to the existing chiller and LTHW pipework and pumps, together with a new controls package to suit. The project required careful co-ordination with the client and stakeholders due to the requirement of a complex craneage operation.


ECG’s Project team successfully delivered, installed and fully commissioned the new plant well within the project programme and within the client’s budget, with minimal disruption to this very busy building.


Strip out of existing roof-mounted air handling unit, cooling towers, extensive pipework and associated services
Installation of new, three-part roof membrane system, new air handling unit, new cooling towers, extensive chiller pipework modification and new controls package